Here at Maur Hill - Mount Academy, we are a community of scholars who come together to form a multicultural family. We promote personal, spiritual, and physical growth in a safe, respectful, and nurturing home.

Life of a Boarder

Many schools speak of community, but here at Maur Hill - Mount Academy, we are truly one big family. The friendships you create within your residence halls will last throughout your life, wherever you may go.

Residence Halls

We have two well-maintained residence halls: Howard Hall, where the girls call home, and St. Leo for the boys. Both residence halls have two floors with community bathrooms on each floor. Students have access to a common lounge and a fully stocked kitchen with all their favorite snacks.

Our girls rooms are single occupancy, and the much larger boys rooms are double occupancy. All rooms have a closet. We furnish every student with a twin bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and chair. 

Residence Life Team

As a boarding student, you live and study under the guidance of our amazing residence life team. They help you to master time-management skills and develop self-discipline that will help you achieve both academic and life success.

Our director of residence life supervises the prefects (dorm parents) who make up our residence life team. Prefects oversee daily routines in the residence halls, foster a supportive and positive environment, and perform various parental-type duties so that all students receive the individual care and attention they need.

We assign multiple prefects to each floor. Prefects rotate being in the residence hall throughout the week and weekends both night and day.

Typical School Day
Weekend Schedule